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Take part in the renewable energy future with help from Clean Energy Consultants in Greater Atlanta Area, GA. We work with renewable fuel producers and consumers to help maximize environmental and energy credits. Our environmental engineering services are available to producers and consumers of all kinds of renewable fuels, from biodiesel and ethanol to renewable compressed and liquefied natural gas (also called biogas).

Boost Your Credits

Producers of renewable energy can turn to us for help maximizing your environmental and energy credits with EPA Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) regulations. We also work with requirements in California and other states to help you navigate the different incentives available. Since he has experience as a working engineer, our owner is also able to relate to your technical staff while we perform engineering reviews to ensure you are getting the most energy credits out of your system. You will not only stay in compliance but enhance profitability and your bottom line.

Energy Consumers

Get educated about the benefit of biofuels and let us help you company meet your sustainability goals. The future is now and the entry of biofuel into the mainstream transportation market will be an important part of your energy future. Matching your current biofuel use with your needs, we help you become cost-effective in three areas: fuel usage, maintenance costs, and emissions reduction. Our clients include:

  • Freight & Fleet Firms

  • Transportation Firms

  • Schools

  • Municipalities

  • County, State, & Federal Agencies

  • Transit Authorities